RC Ryan Consylman | Web Developer

Innovative web development for a rapidly advancing internet.

Hello, I am a Web Developer in Lancaster, PA. I specialize in adding power to websites and providing affordable web solutions for small businesses and ambitious individuals.

Web Power

Need your website to be more than just another pretty site? I can make your site responsive to reach the mobile audience or do custom programming to acheive your extraordinary goals.

Business Systems

In today's world, you need to be accessible, and you need to have a solution that fits your needs. The web can provide solutions that fit both of those criteria, but only if you have a skilled web system engineer behind them.


There are many CMS options available, but WordPress is by far the most popular. I have years of experience with WordPress, including custom plugin and theme development.

Examples of My Work

Titles can be varied and unclear in this line of work, but Back End PHP Developer is probably the generic description that fits me best. Very rarely is my work front facing or plainly evident. It is often just parts of a site driven by API or complex database driven logic. Because of this, the best way to get some real examples of my work is to just contact me so I can give proper explanations and examples.

I did recently launch an example web app of my skills at www.wordfox.net. More than anything this site is to showcase some of the JavaScript I can do (check out the scrambler puzzle), showcase algorithm capability, database construction, API integration (facebook login), and login portal understanding. Disclaimer: design is not my strong suit :)